The Core Values of Kutzler Express

The Rules We Run Our Business By


We are an honest company from our employees to our customers. From day one we will not tell or misguide you. If we are unable to accommodate your needs as a driver or a customer, we will tell you up front and guide you in the right direction.



We fully believe in the statement “Your respect for others will be the key to your success” and goes for every employee we have.



By believing in us as an employer or vendor you have our commitment



Any customer or employee can talk to any part of management at any given time to express their feelings or concerns. We will work with you to keep you happy.


We do not knock on every customer’s door or hire everyone that walks though. Our customers and employees are selected carefully, in hopes to build quality relationships.

Kutzler Express, Inc | 12737 60th Street, Kenosha, WI, 53144, U.S.

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