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The History of Kutzler Express

A Family Tradition Since 1929

Kutzler Express Was Founded in 1982, Continuing a Trucking Legacy That Originally Began in 1929

Frank Kutzler, Jr started the tradition supporting his family by being an Owner/Operator from 1927-1929. It was then when he started Kutzler Cartage in Waukegan, Illinois. ​

Together Frank, Florence and their sons put together a small trucking terminal in Waukegan, IL. Becoming one of the first to run freight from Chicago to the North Shore of Illinois. As soon as their sons were old enough to help they were assigned duties.

​Richard (Dick) Kutzler, took over Kutzler Cartage in 1955 when both of his parents began to experience deteriorating health. Under his leadership and with the help of his brother Robert (Pookey) Kutzler, the small trucking company outgrew its Waukegan, Illinois location and was relocated to Kenosha, Wisconsin. Eventually, changing to Kutzler Express, Inc.

In the late 1990’s to early 2000’s Richard’s two sons (Scott and Frank Kutzler) grew the business to 100+ trucks, while Richard (Dick) and Robert (Pookey) drove.

Frank W. Kutzler took over the operations in 2004 and continued to grow the business by believing in strategic relationships and whose team provided a service level that others were unwilling to do.

In 2011, Richard (Dick) became an advisor and in 2015 Robert (Pookey) passed away.

Today Kutzler Express, Inc. employs over 145 employees with the leadership of Frank Kutzler and is entering its fifth generation, Frank (Tony) Kutzler.

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